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Slice Of Venture: Electric Boogaloo

Why hello there – it's John from Cat Tail Productions and today, I'm happy to be able to share with you why my studio has been working on for the last 3 years: Slice of Venture! We originally started SoV back in August of 2015 and after two years of production, we realized it was time to get working on the sequel. It was very much the case that the original SoV had a lot of die-hard fans, but the problem was that it wasn't really that great of a game. While we tried, the porn gaming arena was still pretty nascent and we hadn't seen any productions that were truly killer. This is when Cat Tail Productions decided to take matters into their own hands and well, here you have it – the fruits of our labor! It's been a long time coming, but we truly believe that we now have one of the best anime-inspired XXX games that you'll ever play. Come hell or high water, we'll ensure that you're given the hottest porn-related gaming session known to man – or your money back! Oh, and speaking of money: it's important to mention here before going any deeper that Slice of Venture is completely free for you to play. That's right – sign up and get gaming without handing over a penny! Pretty sweet, eh?

World-class artwork in SoV

We knew when starting this game that the artwork had to be stellar, so we're glad that we hit our target of creating such a visually stunning game with great artwork from a team of artists who know the anime aesthetic better than most. We will state for the record that our hentai is a little more 'human' and realistic, but we still believe the weebs out there are going to love getting their juices flowing over the sprites and NPCs they'll come across. Around 50% of our budget went into the artwork alone for Slice of Venture, so you better bloody well enjoy it! We've watched countless hours of hentai to really nail what we like and dislike about the genre. Believe me, this stuff was all for research purposes and nothing else! In addition to our great artwork you'll find rendered by the game engine, we also have a number of cards and scenes to unlock with a slightly different flare and design. Suffice to say that we think this is very much the way of the modern adventure porn quest game. Are you ready to play? We sure hope so!

Choices in Slice of Venture

Another big factor that went into our design and layout approach was to ensure that SoV had a great sense of customization and choice. Since we expect and want people to play the game multiple times, it's important that you have the ability to really get a firm grip on what's happening to be able to make informed choices. There are four main tree areas of personality that your character will be pulled toward as you make decisions throughout the game, with each one further influencing your choices down the road. For instance, if you want to be a massive dick to everyone, don't expect to call in a favor or two half-way through the game. On the flipside, if you seek to serve everyone, chances are that a few NPCs are going to walk straight over you and you won't have the ability to stop them. As you progress through Slice of Venture, you'll also have a number of personality traits that you can pick up to influence what your character does and how it does it. This is probably our favorite system of progression and with dozens of choices, you'll want to pick and choose how to adopt them to your specific play through approach. Your choices matter here, so make sure you're paying attention!

Accessibility across all devices

One of the most important things for us was to make sure that Slice of Venture can be played using just one hand (this is for obvious reasons, right?). As a result, it meant that porting to mobile devices was actually relatively simple, especially since you play the game straight through your browser. Slice of Venture will provide you with stellar accessibility and what's more, because all of your save synchronize to the server, your gameplay on your phone will change your PC edition too! Note that we currently fully support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. While other browsers might work just fine, these are the ones we will guarantee compatibility for. We're also planning to release a downloadable launcher version of our game in the not too distant future – watch this space!

Achievements in Slice of Venture

Want to feel a sense of achievement? We hear you. In patch 1.2, we added 338 unique achievements, all of which have custom artwork that you'll be able to unlock, as well as many extra bonuses, such as unique quests, locations and NPCs to engage with. As you progress through Slice of Venture, you'll want to regularly check out the achievement area to see how well you're doing. We plan to add more functionality and features to achievements later down the road, but we're pretty happy with how things are for now. Initial feedback from fans on both our official forums and Discord server has been overwhelmingly positive: a sign that people really enjoy Slice of Venture and what the development team is doing to make it the best XXX game around. Just like the original, we want feedback from gamers so that we're giving them the experience they want: no questions asked. Note that just like your save progress, achievements are synchronized across all devices and saves: just make sure that you're logged into the same account and you're good to go!

Thanks for taking the time to play Slice of Venture – we hope that you enjoy this title as much as we think you will. Take care and happy gaming – may your adventure here be the best one you've yet to embark on!

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